Some of the most frequently asked questions
about getting roofing leads…


Some of the most frequently asked questions about getting roofing leads…

How much do roofing leads cost?

If you are looking to purchase roofing leads, you can expect to pay anywhere from $30 a lead (for crappy, old, and NON-exclusive leads) or $100+ a lead (for exclusive leads that are generated in real-time). The factors that influence the cost per lead include your geographical region (some regions are much more competitive than others), seasonality, type and quality of roofing leads. In general, being willing to pay for higher quality tends to pay off (assuming you are with a reputable roofing leads company such as Roofer Elite).

How can I advertise / market my roofing business?

There are two main approaches to advertising and marketing your roofing business. One is analog (offline) and the other is digital (online). Analog methods of marketing include going door to door, canvassing, word of mouth, billboards, mailers, etc. Digital methods include Roofer Elite online leads funnel, website lead generation, digital pay per click ads such as Google Ads, social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and other branding sites such as Yelp and Houzz.

Should I buy leads or build a roofing marketing system?

When you pay for roofing leads, you are at the mercy of your provider – you don’t know the quality of the lead and have no insights into how that lead was generated, how long ago, and how many other roofing companies the lead was sold to. But when you build a roofing marketing system, each and every lead is exclusive to you, is generated in real-time, and you have complete insights into how that lead was generated. Furthermore, if the roofing lead marketing system is custom-tailored to your company, such as the ones Roofer Elite builds on your behalf, the roofing leads will be primed to recognize your brand.

How do I increase roof sales?

There are two main components to making roofing sales, lead generation, and closing the roofing lead. You may have skilled salesmen on your team but that does you no good if you can’t have a steady stream of qualified roofing leads for your team to close. On the flipside, what good is generating / buying high quality roofing leads if you can’t be bothered following up with them and closing them? We here at Roofer Elite are committed to generating roofing companies high quality exclusive roofing leads in real-time, all they have to do is make sure they do their job and close those leads. Deal?

How can I get quality real time roofing leads?

The best method is to generate your own roofing leads with your own roofing marketing system. A quality roofing marketing system will have your own custom-branded webpage designed to capture a roofing lead’s information. It will attract homeowners looking for roofing services explicitly in your service area. Because it’s your own roofing marketing system and branded as yours, the leads you generate will be exclusive to you and in real-time.

How do I generate commercial roofing leads in addition to residential leads?

You can try and target commercial roofing related search terms online or solicit businesses and commercial properties in general. But one thing to note online is that a business property owner may very well be searching for the exact thing as a homeowner, namely, “replace my roof”, “fix a leak”, “roofing company”, etc. They do not always make the distinction that they have a commercial property so they may not think to search for commercial specific terms online. Therefore, we have clients that get roofing leads who seem like a residential lead based on his search patterns but is in fact, a commercial lead.

Can I get only roof replacement leads?

Yes, you can look to get only roof replacement leads but you will be leaving a lot of money on the table. Not only are roof replacement leads typically more expensive, they are also less common. Many homeowners would have little idea that they actually need to replace their roofs or they may simply refuse to believe that they need to spend the money to replace them. Our clients have success converting roof repair leads into roof replacement jobs after a thorough evaluation during the inspection and sales process, and educating the homeowner why a roof replacement is needed.

How many leads can I get each month?

The number of leads you will be able to generate will depend on factors such as location, seasonality and budget. Depending on the region that you service, there may be a greater number of homes and more people looking for a roofing company to repair or replace their roofs. Some locations are also notoriously competitive and these regions may see a lower number of leads. We here at Roofer Elite do extensive research into the market you service and can provide recommendations on budget based on available ad inventory. In most regions across the country, we are able to scale your advertising and generate more leads exponentially with increased budgets which tends to happen over time as additional revenue allows for more marketing budget.

We’re here to help and answer any question you might have. Please contact us below if you have any more questions or are ready to get started with a Roofing Marketing Plan that’s right for you.

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