Here’s the Most Cost-Effective Marketing Tactic Stolen From “Shark Tank”…

This clever tactic will get you more exposure, better branding, and make your brand look well-established, polished, and professional.

Stop for a minute and see if you can recall this happening to you…

You go shopping for something online… say a pair of new roofing boots, and then afterwards, you see ads for those boots everywhere. You find that ad on just about every website you visit…

Or maybe you were browsing around the Ford website checking out the newest Ford F-series, or maybe checking out the specs on some roofing equipment on Home Depot’s website, looking at the latest iPhone, or just shopping around on And then it seems like their ads are magically everywhere online… stalking you around the internet.

Has that happened to you?

Heck, maybe that’s one of the reasons you are reading this – because you’ve seen our Roofer Engine ads stalk you!

Think about how that made you feel… those ads constantly flooded your awareness with their “brands” (whether that’d be Ford, Home Depot, or Amazon, etc.) and reminded you to go back and complete your purchase (which you can easily do by clicking on those stalking ads).

And you’ll find their ads even on some of the most iconic and recognized websites on the internet such as,,,, etc. These are websites that get literally tens of millions of visitors a day!

Pretty awesome how that works right?

Now, you might think nothing of it and doesn’t think this pertains to you. After all, these companies, Ford, Home Depot, Apple, Amazon, etc surely have a war chest of marketing budget that allows them to buy advertising on these gigantic sites. You are probably thinking that only gigantic global companies making billions have the means to do this…

And you are just a local roofer! You don’t have a war chest of marketing dollars like they do and can never get your brand seen and associated with these iconic brands!

...But How Cool Would It Be If You Can?!

Think about how well-established, polished, and professional you would look if you can somehow miraculously get your ads shown on these iconic websites. Imagine the unforgettable effect you would have on prospects in your service area if your ads can stalk them like the ads you’ve seen stalk you.

The secret is… you absolutely can and it does NOT take a war chest to do so.

How do we know?

Because this is among the most successful marketing tactic we implemented for the “Shark Tank” companies we’ve worked with (along with all the other high-growth cutting-edge startup companies). We found this to be the most cost-effective type of advertising to get you massive branding, leave a lasting impression, and build credibility.

And this tactic works like gangbusters as well in the roofing industry which is why this is one of the very first marketing tactic we implement for all of our Roofer Engine community members.

We Affectionately Call This Tactic, ``Online Stalking™`` (Fitting, Right?)


This tactic allows you to mimic the very gigantic brands (Ford, Home Depot, Amazon, etc) and stalk homeowners in your region who have visited your website. Your ads will be shown again and again all over the internet including on some of the most powerful websites online.

And the amazing thing is, “Online Stalking™” does not cost a fortune… as a matter of fact, you can get started on a daily ad budget the equivalent of a cup of latte a day.

Ready to Grow Your Roofing Business?

Listen, how much is building your reputation, increasing your credibility, and leaving a lasting impression on your prospects worth to you?

Our startup consulting clients pay us anywhere from $3,000 to $15,000+ a month for our consulting. And it is through those engagements that we experiment, refine, and perfect the marketing tactic that is Online Stalking™.

Obviously we aren’t looking to charge you $15,000 or even $3,000 a month… Because we’ve been implementing Online Stalking™ for so many roofers, we have economy of scale working in your favor. We can implement and maintain Online Stalking™ for your for a fraction of what startups pay us…

You can have Online Stalking™ for only $95 a month. That’s literally only ~$3 a day.

But that’s not all…

BONUS #1: FREE Ad Set Custom Designed For You

($200 Value)

As you probably noticed with all the stalking ads, they are all professionally designed and come in various sizes. We typically charge $200 per set of 20 but as a part of our “Online Stalking™” special offer, we will waive our ad design fee and craft a custom ad set for your company free of charge.

Yep, you pay nilch, zero, nothing nada for this first professionally custom-designed ad set. Below is a small sample just to give you an idea. Yours will of course look different and be completely custom-tailored to your brand, logo, image, and message.

Ad Types

(Here’s a small sample.)

BONUS #2: Inbox Invasion™

($100 / mo value)

If you use Gmail like most people these days, you probably have seen advertisement DISGUISED as another email in your inbox. It sits on top of your inbox looking like a typical email and compels you to read it. It’s another innovative marketing tactic that big-brands are using these days.

And guess what? Just like how we cracked the code to Online Stalking™, we also cracked the code for what we like to call, Inbox Invasion™.

gmail inbox ad

This marketing tactic gets your brand and ad seen inside homeowners’ inboxes within your service region.

Think of the possibilities… imagine someone corresponding with a competitor of yours via email. And out of the blue, YOUR Inbox Invasion™ unit shows up. That homeowner gets curious, thinks of you as a big deal, and clicks on it and begins to talk to YOU.

You in essence just stole a prospect from your competitor.

And when you get started with our Online Stalking™ tactic right now, we will configure and maintain this devious tactic, Inbox Invasion™ (valued at $100 a month) for you as well for free.

You’ll be stealing leads from your competitors in no time with this devious marketing tactic.

No Contract & No Lock-Up

no contract growth hacking

We are confident in our work and stand behind our services. We never want any of our Roofer Engine community members to feel trapped… If at any point you don’t feel like our custom-designed marketing plan and methods are providing you value, you should be able to cancel at any time without any hard feelings or trying to get out of a contract.

>>> As such, we do NOT require a contract. <<<

Get Started for Only $95* a Month

Get started with Online Stalking™ for only $95 and receive two free bonuses mentioned above. This means we will custom-design the 20+ ad units for you which is valued at $200 and we will implement Inbox Invasion™ which in valued at $100 a month.

And because there are NO contracts, you can cancel at any time.

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Online Stalking™

We’ll setup you up with Online Stalking™ & have you looking established, professional, and polished!

Roofer Engine Display Ads

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* This does not include advertising fee which varies depending on your region and goal. Other Roofer Engine members allocate <$3 a day.

Note: This offer is good for one location defined as up to 70 miles radius of a zip code.