How toTake Over the Internet With Your Branded Ads on the Most Popular Social Networks…

“Online Stalking™” already covers over 90% of internet users, and if you want to cover the remaining 10%, you want Facebook IG Stalking™

If your lead isn’t perusing on the internet seeing your Online Stalking™ ads, you can bet that he’s on Facebook or Instagram. And between Online Stalking™ and Facebook IG Stalking™, your branded ads are pretty much guaranteed to be seen by all of your homeowner leads in your area.

Facebook has more than 2 billion active users each month and Instagram has over 800 million active users each month.

While most folks know Facebook and Instagram as among the most popular social networks today and is where everybody goes to connect with their friends, stay in touch with their family members and loved ones around the world, or just to look at hilarious cat videos. Not as many know that Facebook and Instagram are also great business tools that help you establish credibility and build rapport with your intended audience.

a chart showing the growth of active facebook users

All you need to setup is a Facebook Business Page. With your own branded Facebook Business Page, you can start setting yourself apart from your competitors – you’ll build rapport, establish your branding, attract homeowners in your area, make it easy for them to interact with you (and tell their friends about you), give them a way to “Like” you and share your content, etc. It’s really a no-brainer… considering how many users are on Facebook every single day, you absolutely need to have your own Business Page.

And if you don’t have one or if you’ve never had it professionally optimized, don’t sweat it, read on because we can help you with that as well

“Set yourself apart from your competitors, estblish your branding and attract homeowners in your area.”

(Here’s our facebook buisness page as an example)

There is so much more power to Facebook than your Business Page – as a matter of fact, that Business Page is only the beginning. You see, by having a Business Page, you are also able to advertise on Facebook’s powerful platform. Yep, you can literally run ads for your business and brand right on Facebook.

And the crazy thing is… Facebook is so good at intermixing these ads in people’s Facebook feeds that many don’t even think of them as ads! Here are a couple of ad examples… (yes, these are literally ads believe it or not):

[mpc_carousel_image preset=”mpc_preset_10″ loop=”true” speed=”500″ layout=”fluid” enable_force_height=”true” force_height=”450″ images=”1322,1323,1324,1325″ gap=”10″ start_at=”1″ image_size=”large” image_opacity=”100″ image_hover_opacity=”100″ mpc_navigation__preset=”mpc_preset_2″]

(various types of facebook ads)

See, one of the most powerful thing abouts Online Stalking™ is our special ability to target specific folks (in your service area) so that your ads only show up for those homeowners who have a high probability of wanting a roof from you. This is how we are able to “online stalk” homeowners for pennies on the dollar and not have to afford the millions of dollars of advertising budget that the likes of Ford, Home Depot, Amazon, Apple, etc have at their disposal. With Facebook IG Stalking™, this is no different. We are able to geo-target your ads only to the specific audience in your service area who are homeowners and may be in the market for a new roof.


Since you understand the awesome power of Online Stalking™, then you will no doubt appreciate the potency of Facebook IG Stalking™. Once a homeowner has visited your website (let’s say… during his “research phase” while shopping for a roofer), you are now able to track him and stalk him on Facebook and Instagram. You’re able to showcase you subtle ads that help introduce him to your optimized professional Facebook Business Page which makes you seem accessible, professional, well-liked (from all the “Likes” you have on the page), and like a “local friendly roofer” that everyone wants to work with and encourages him to contact you.

“Showcase and introduce your lead to an accessible, professional, well-liked and local roofer that encoruages contact.”


Between both Online Stalking™ and Facebook IG Stalking™, there is pretty much nowhere on the internet your prospective homeowner can visit that won’t be showcasing your professional branded ads.

Your brand will be powerfully associated with the most iconic brands online and now, thanks to Facebook IG Stalking™, this includes Facebook and Instagram. You will be able to start building on your own online community right on Facebook and connect directly with homeowners.

And just like Online Stalking™, Facebook IG Stalking™ does not take a warchest of marketing budget to get started. Other Roofer Elite community members are investing less than $3 a day – and that’s plenty to have their ads stalk their homeowner prospects everywhere on Facebook and Instagram every single day!



An integral part of Facebook IG Stalking™ is of course the Facebook Business Page (it’s required). It is the place where homeowners will find you (and judge you) on Facebook and Instagram and it is also the place your Facebook and IG ads will be launched.

Not only does it need to be configured properly on the front end (i.e. the appropriate cover photo, the properly-dimensioned profile photo, the correct business info, a well-copywritten about us section, etc.) it also needs to be optimized accordingly on the backend (your service area, your call-to-action, your category, intended audience, etc).

An optimized Facebook Business Page will convey your brand properly – professional and well-established while friendly and welcoming – and encourage visitors to “Like” you and reach out to you.

And this can be yours… for FREE when you subscribe to Facebook IG Stalking™. If you don’t have a Business Page, we’ll set one up for you and if you do already… fear not because we can help clean it up and optimize it so it’s suitable for Facebook IG Stalking™!

[mpc_carousel_image preset=”mpc_preset_10″ loop=”true” speed=”500″ layout=”fluid” enable_force_height=”true” force_height=”450″ images=”1326,1327,1328″ gap=”10″ start_at=”1″ image_size=”large” image_opacity=”100″ image_hover_opacity=”100″ mpc_navigation__preset=”mpc_preset_2″]

an overview of our professional setup


Just like with Online Stalking™, we are confident in our work and stand behind our services. We never want any of our Roofer Elite™ community members to feel trapped… If at any point you don’t feel like our custom-tailored marketing plan and methods are providing you value, you should be able to cancel at any time without any hard feelings or trying to get out of a contract.


$95 $50* A MONTH


Get started with Facebook IG Stalking™ for only $95 $50 a month and receive our free bonus valued at $150.00 mentioned above. This means we will create your Facebook Business Page for you if you don’t have one and optimize it if you do!

Just to reiterate this offer includes:

  • Setting up and configuring your Facebook and Instagram accounts to establish your credibility
  • Personalizing your Facebook Page to look and feel professional but also friendly and approachable
  • Creating beautiful custom-tailored Facebook and Instagram ads that are consistent with your brand and go hand-in-hand with your Online Stalking™ ads
  • Coordinating with your team on the configuration and installation of the magic “pixel”
  • And ultimately get your ads seen by homeowners in your area all over Facebook and Instagram
  • … and so much more.



one time offer: $95.00

* does not include platform advertising fee which varies depending on your region and goal. Average Roofer Elite™ members allocate <$3 a day.

Note: This offer is good for one location defined as up to 70 miles radius of a zip code.



Roofer Elite Helped This Roofer Exceed Her Goal By Over $500,000+ Last Year


Roofer Elite Helped This Roofer Exceed Her
Goal By Over $500,000+ Last Year